Crème – “Resolution”


Crème is the new recording alias of Trixie Reiss, who fans of The Crystal Method will recognize as a writer and performer on the electronic duo’s debut, platinum-selling album Vegas, which featured their #1 hit “Comin’ Back”. Reiss returns from an extended hiatus as Crème, seizing on a fascination with both popular and experimental electronic music with a project that features her sole writing, production, and performance.

Crème’s debut single “Helium” racked up 360k+ Soundcloud plays, and she follows that up with a captivating track in “Resolution”, which blends pop hooks with an electronic, chilly soundscape somewhat reminiscent of The Knife, though with more of an effervescent pop shimmer. Whirring synths and clap-laden percussion gives off a gripping intro, the quivering vocals giving off an icy vibe that sounds great in this winter-like weather. Synth buzzing around 00:40 enters as a nice indicator of the incoming hook – the “oh let the pink flag of love fly” bit enhancing the preceding verses with pulsating synths and a more up-front vocal presence. This is a successfully idiosyncratic vein of synth-pop that meshes elements of accessible pop with originality.

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