Each of Them Echoes – “Don’t You See Me Go”


“Don’t You See Me Go” is a new track from Each of Them Echoes, a collaboration between longtime friends Jona Rousseau and James Garside, who meld aspects of electronic and alternative for a memorable sound.

The track touts an ethereal beginning, with gentle and husky vocals leading nicely over the ice-tinged synth line and gradual percussive showing at 00:30, with multi-layer vocal approach at 00:51 building beautifully alongside the bustling bass line. A captivating, gargling synth/bass at 01:17, returning again at 01:32 and throughout the track, is memorably funky – helping alternative in savvy form from beautifully sparse, rhythmic-led vocals and expand into a hook that’s expansive and funk-tinged, while retaining the icy soundscape of the preceding verses. Certainly, The xx comes to mind as a sound comparison

Mike Mineo

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