G.H. Hat – “I Got A Problem (I Wonder…)” [feat. Mickey Shiloh]


G.H. Hat has traversed across every genre imaginable as a producer, remixer, composer and performer, with hundreds of releases under his name. His entry into the EDM arena in 2016 was marked by the instrumental trip-hop release “Primal”, showing an idiosyncratic vein of EDM that embraces stylistic and structural variation. His new track “I Got A Problem (I Wonder…)”, featuring Mickey Shiloh, is a testament to that as well. Shiloh’s vocals showcase a suavely effective delivery, like a perked-up Karin Dreijer Andersson. “All I do is think of you and drink for two as if you’re still here with me,” she slyly sings, leading into the “I got a problem” hook. It’s a sharp piece of electro-pop that’s another fine addition to G.H. Hat’s vast catalog.

Mike Mineo

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