Posted November 20, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Electronic

Josu Mämmi – “Organized Planning” + “Privilege of Analyzing”

Josu Mämmi has background as a bossanova drummer, though also with a fascination with techno that results in a vibrant electronic sound steeped in Afro-American grooves and funk-infused house. Born in Turku and presently still living in Finland, where he has spent the past seven years as a musician and DJ, Josu Mämmi shows his engaging musical direction on new singles “Organized Planning” and “Privilege of Analyzing”.

Self-describing his direction as “post-modern club dance music,” Mämmi’s “Organized Planning” successfully transitions from lush, warbled verses and intensely pulsating climaxes, finding a perfect balance between serenity and club-set debauchery. “Privilege of Analyzing” brings forth some rock and funk-tinged elements, with clamorous chunks of guitars meshing well with vocal samples and, later, whirring synth work. They’re both fine tracks that showcase Mämmi’s unique style well.

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