Posted November 30, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Pop

Shy Spell – “Crystal Clear”

There’s not much background information on Shy Spell available, beyond the fact that 7 of 12 songs on the project’s new album were written on the old piano above, under the watchful eye of Sylvester the cat (also pictured). Nonetheless, it’s easy to enjoy Shy Spell’s integration of synth flourishes, piano-laden beauty, and soaring pop vocals throughout the album, and standout track “Crystal Clear” in particular. Trickling guitars and biting, melodic piano lines guide the arsenal initially, opening up to some atmospheric synth work around 02:10 that leads back nicely into the contagious pop format. Touting a ceaseless energy and evident pop songwriting chops, “Crystal Clear” is a great introduction to a very capable and mysterious act.

Stream Shy Spell’s full-length below:

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