Young Tongue – “Electric Display”


“Electric Display” is a dreamy new track from Austin, TX-based Young Tongue, who previously impressed with the track “Want“. “Electric Display” rides on a blissful key arpeggio, with vibes reminiscent of Beach House, as Stu Baker’s vocals sing melodically about being in the middle of the end of your life. The twang of guitars leads a nice bridge just prior to the two-minute mark, helping emphasize a strong guitar and rhythmic presence behind the glistening arpeggio. Baker’s vocals really pick up around the three-minute mark, escalating in intensity as the beauty of the lead melody sticks even more.

“Electric Display is a song that felt like it wrote itself while we were just kind of jamming during a rehearsal,” explains Stu. “The lyrics came to me while I was hiking on the green belt with my daughter strapped to my chest. Being alone in the woods with my daughter, and thinking about how strange it is to be on the other side of the parent/child relationship now, I had a sort of existential epiphany that I’m at the beginning of the middle of the end of my life. The song sort of circles around that concept, along with the theme of how identity relates to cultural behavior.”

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