Posted December 22, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Rock

David Guilbault – “Gimme More Time”

Seattle-based singer/songwriter David Guilbault rides on suave vocals, a buzzing bass, and spurts of melodic guitar on new track “Gimme More Time”, one of many releases this year for him (with ten 6-song EPs in 2017). The slightly lethargic, psych-rock presence in the various layers of guitar work well, especially alongside his breezy “oooh-hoo-ooh” vocal embellishments. An acoustic guitar guides the bridge around 03:18 effectively, helping gear up to a stirring finale. Here, trickling guitar work combines with psych-friendly slabs for a very satisfying ending. If you’re digging this, enjoy digging into the 60 tracks or so Guilbault has released so far this year.

Mike Mineo

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