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Inspired by the tragic nightclub terrorist attack on Orlando’s Pulse nightclub in June 2016, “Pulse” is an emotional new track from Galapaghost, who previously impressed with his psych-folk aesthetic on tracks “Salt Lake City” and “I Never Arrived“. Originally from Woodstock, NY, the project’s frontman Casey Chandler now resides within the rich music scene of Austin, Texas. His music was recently featured in Italian film Il Ragazzo Invisibile, directed by Oscar-winning director Gabriele Salvatores, who commissioned Galapaghost to write the movie’s title song.

“Pulse” is the lead and self-titled track off the 11-track album of the same name. Haunting guitars accompany a tortured vocal presence, with organs emerging later as strong lyrics condemning hate and bemoaning the repetitious cycle of violence resonate strongly. “The album is definitely not a political album at all, but some of the songs are about how I’ve become disillusioned with America and somewhat about being caught in the middle of not fully feeling ‘American’ but not feeling quite European after living there for two years,” says Chandler, who self-produced and recorded the album in Italy over 15 days. “Some songs are just about figuring out what the hell I’m going to do with my life if I don’t find success in music and trying to come to terms with that as I enter my 30s … a recurring effect we used on the album was distortion on the drums and delay on the vocals to give it a grittier feel than my previous albums.”

UPDATE:The 11-track album also features the track “Bleed”, its third single. Murky guitars and a buzzing synth accompanies the grave vocal presence, with a cathedral-like organ resonance occurring in the hook alongside soaring vocals. With dark verses and effervescence emerging in the hook, it’s a quality showing of Chandler’s songwriting and eclectic capabilities:

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