The Green Door – “You Won’t Hear That Anymore”


San Francisco’s The Green Door churn out a lively blend of garage and psych-rock, with a thematic focus on the tribulations of life and death, as well as hero and anti-hero through a present-day lens. The band, which formed in 2008, will be dropping their six-track release Wolf in the Fold on 12/15. It’s preceded by lead single “You Won’t Hear That Anymore”, a blistering rocker with vintage psych-friendly vocals and swanky guitar twangs, abruptly transitioning to lusher pastures around 01:04, as the vocals fade out and the organs creep in. The guitars and organs interplay with precision, until the vocals re-emerge with effectiveness a minute or so later. It’s a fiercely effective psych-rocker that reminds of acts like The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Mike Mineo

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