Loz KeyStone – “Nothing Wrong”


“Nothing Wrong” is a haunting track from Loz KeyStone, off the previously featured London-based project’s new album. Loz started writing the album – To Feel Love – in summer 2014, in the final weeks of his father’s life following a two-year battle with lung cancer. The recording process started over a year later, recorded in his South London bedroom. Per Loz, the album “became a document of losing someone, the effects of that loss and the places and ways in which we look for comfort. Essentially, it became an album about death and sex.” The sound has a striking comparison to The Antlers’ Hospice.

The result is a strongly emotional and haunting sound throughout, evidenced on the excellent “Nothing Wrong”, which advances from John Maus-like murkiness to twinkling dream-pop beauty in its latter half. It’s a beautiful track, off a beautiful album, streaming in full below:

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