Seneko – “True Dimension”


Connecticut singer/songwriter Stan “Seneko” Olshefski debuted his self-titled EP last September, drawing praise for his soaring indie-pop sensibilities with a romantic tint. His sophomore EP, True Dimensions, was released this past October, with the solo artist again showing his charm as a pop songwriter with a fondness for power-pop and sophisti-pop. Lead track “True Dimension” features warm and melodic layers of reflective vocals, repeating the track’s title in a melodic hook that’s accessible and inviting. Another highlight, “You to Save Me” reminds of Tom Petty’s ability to exude both romantic yearning and suave swagger in simultaneous fashion, with a “I’ve got you to save me” hook featuring a warm guitar twang and reflective organs. The six tracks on True Dimension again emphasize Seneko’s strengths as a singer and songwriting, in a familiar and accessible stylistic setting.

Stream the EP on Spotify in full here.

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