Winter Witches – “Unspeakable Clothes”


Australian duo Winter Witches impress with a haunting soundscape throughout just-released track “Unspeakable Clothes”, described as “a lament to the heaviness of the clothes we wear and how they can make (or break) our sense of self.” The nearly quivering vocal tone is strikingly memorable, resembling a cross off Scott Walker and Dave Gahan. The tone in general reminds of Depeche Mode – not an easy feat to pull off – and the song’s lyrical and atmospheric strength results in a thoroughly consuming affair throughout the track’s entirety. The hypnotic melody works well around the delicate synths and Eastern-infused beat, emphasizing the duo’s knack for a sound that’s somehow simultaneously haunting and fit for dancing.

Winter Witches’ recent two tracks, “Unspeakable Clothes” and “This Religion”, are representative of what’s to come on MASC, their debut album releasing in 2018.

Mike Mineo

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