Yvan Poisson – “Blind Experiment”


Swiss musician Yvan Poisson produces abstract, minimalist trip-hop throughout his atmospheric new EP Blind Experiment. The seven tracks do well in crafting their own worlds, ranging from the brass-laden call-and-response patterns of “Negative Control Procedure” to the dark, dubstep-hinting vibes of the release’s self-titled track. The hypnotic, percussive-led “Threshold Dose” is also notable, the drum-and-bass emphasis integrating nicely with the washes of serene synths. It’s a very worthwhile listen for audiophiles and fans of minimalist trip-hop.

“With this EP I continue exploring the possibilities from granular sampling; this is where the sounds come from, except for the beats and the bass lines,” Yvan explains. “This is music for the audio enthusiasts; you simply won’t enjoy it listening through a poor sound system with no deep bass and at a low volume. This only shines when you are in an appropriate listening situation (and mind). Also, this is not instrumental hip-hop and it is not intended for people to rap on it, so please don’t judge it in this way.”

Stream the EP in full below:

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