Maxwell Cabana – “Texas”


Portland-based trio Maxwell Cabana impress mightily on new track “Texas”, released today. Distant, suave guitar tones establish the track’s smooth presence, the soulful vocals emerging shortly thereafter. As the lyrics hop between ages and track an evolutionary urge to depart, strings and brass enter the fold around 01:35, adding an atmospheric mystique that’s wholly effective. “Even a good man needs some help sleeping at night, so he drinks ’til the morning, drinks ’til the evening light,” the vocals croon, a touch of brass capping the line off in quality form. A pause at 02:52 helps pave the way to the track’s centerpiece, a swarm of various brass and jazz-laden melodic charm, as the rhythmic intensity aligns with an uptick in vocal passion. This is a beautifully written and performed track, one that kicks 2018 off with a bang for Maxwell Cabana.

Mike Mineo

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  1. Really liked this song. The atmosphere really emphasized the lyrics, especially ‘even a good man needs some help sleeping at night.’ The guitars were really well done, and the slight slap back delay on the vocals were awesome. I will be looking into this band some more.

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