Premiere: Andro – “Liar”


“Liar” is the third single from Andro, an artist originally from Liverpool and based in London. “I wrote Liar, totally premeditating a bond I knew would fail, and I was also grieving,” he explains. “It echoes the period when you’re yearning for nothing but intimacy and you feel you’ve been ladened with a lie after the breakdown of a ‘companionship’.”

Sporting haunting, passionate vocals, Andro fixates around an emotive chorus – “I’ll call you a liar,” – as chilling wordless croons fill the background, an aesthetic similar to James Blake, though with a tinge more of ’80s soul. The chorus’ arrival at 02:40 shows the various vocal layers in beautiful form, with a suave guitar twang and distant key-laden twinkling adding to the impressive mix. Emotional and sincere, “Liar” is a memorable one from Andro, who will be releasing another single in the coming months.

Mike Mineo

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