Evan Wright – “Something Here Is Wrong”


“Something Here is Wrong” is a highlight off Evan Wright’s debut EP Spaghetti Western, a strong release that showcases the singer/songwriter’s beautiful folk-laden songwriting and lush vocals, which sit somewhere tonally between Sufjan Stevens, Kurt Vile, and Elliott Smith.

“Have you ever said a word that wasn’t true? Or passed the blame when it should be blamed on you?” Wright asks on the track, just prior to the push of a reverb-laden slide guitar solo, which eventually culminates in a stripped-down drum and guitar combo. The vocals and general tonal consistency result in a pleasant and endearing listen, though with ample depth in its lyrical contemplation on human nature’s insecurities. The touch of the “mm-hmm” vocal 02:41 combining with the slight guitar crunch is particularly captivating.

Stream the EP in its entirety below:

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  1. This album is fantastic. Don’t be a dumb dumb! Go get it and be cool before your friends do it first. It may already be too late…

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