Healing Spells – “Levitate”


Tokyo-based electronica producer Healing Spells crafted his new EP Past Lives as a way to re-connect with his true self. “Somehow for several years I had lost touch with what I really enjoyed as an artist, and I looked into my soul to recover lost emotions,” he explains. “Past Lives is a reference to my previous travels, where I had several occasions to be in awe with the world. This time in my life felt distant as if in past lives, however I knew there was still a connection. Past Lives is about finding that connection again.”

Streaming on Spotify here, the EP begins with the hypnotic and effervescent “Levitate”, where tribal-like vocals lead over a stutter-y primary melody, evolving to complete illumination by track’s end. Pacifism and tranquility appear to be themes throughout the release. “I have been living for 6 years and counting in Japan, but the decisive experience came from 3 months I spent in India, where I was overwhelmed mentally and physically by the harshness and spirituality of the country,” he says. “It has become my main source of inspiration since then. I am also inspired by quiet walks in the nature, Buddhist temples in the mountains, ans sci-fi books.”

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