Fuzzysurf – “Hometown Feeling”


Milwaukee act Fuzzysurf will release their debut album, Hometown Feeling, on April 27th, a release they describe as a departure from previous surf-laden sounds and into a more definitive indie-rock territory. Opener “Hometown Feeling” opens with a blast of guitar fuzz, certainly cementing that stylistic adjustment. Call-and-response vocals melodically adorn the guitar fuzz and enthusiastic percussion, reminding fondly of Weezer’s heyday. Indeed, there’s something fun and nostalgic about the band’s sound, though the songwriting itself remains fresh and originally captivating, aesthetically capturing a sound from the past while channeling some great, new ideas into the song structure and hook tendencies.

The album features a variety of themes, ranging “from the acquired ambivalent feelings of one’s hometown (Hometown Feeling), the uncanny ability to repeat the same missteps time and again (Rebreather), being stuck in an unappealing job while daydreaming about an escape (The Cure), and lost summer love (Summer Girl).” The album as a whole successfully aspires to play like a “collection about early life mistakes and the repercussions of those mistakes later down the road.”

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