Jesse Rosenthal – “Party Dress”


With a commanding, dramatic vocal presence reminiscent of Rufus Wainwright, Jesse Rosenthal pulls off a striking sound on captivating new track “Party Dress”, a twangy success with ample mood and yearning. The “lift up my party dress,” hook picks things up from the moody verses, with twangy guitars being a permanent fixture, ascending into a more bursting, effervescent guitar lead at 02:47. It’s melodically captivating throughout, reminding fondly of Wainwright as well as Ryan Adams, who is no stranger to famous guitar brands and moody captivation.

“This tune is meant to be a bit cloying in it’s sound and subject matter in the name of opening up listeners emotionally,” Rosenthal explains. “Through music I want to be able to invite people to process the more complicated and uncomfortable sides of themselves and experience the catharsis associated with that. Hopefully this song will hit somebody in that way.”

Mike Mineo

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  1. Whoa, nailed it on the Rufus reference. Killer track. I used to get offended when people’d try to guess the influences of whatever current band I was in, but now I realize it’s a high form of a compliment that basically says, “your music is worthy of my mind’s compartmentalization at first listen, broseph.” Familiar is good and combine that with unique and you’re onto something special.

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