Parker Moore – “How Long”


Parker Moore – previously featured as a member of Bay Area-based rock group Catholic Radio – has an excellent solo album out: Alterations & Repairs. Moore’s sound touts great songwriting and dense, captivating layers of guitar-driven sound, reminding of acts like Dinosaur Jr, Spiritualized, Sea & Cake, Yo La Tengo, and Pink Floyd at points throughout this release, which showcases eclectic tones throughout despite strong focus on each individual track.

Perhaps my favorite of the bunch is “How Long”, a melodically gripping effort with a psych-rock-driven direction. The chorus hits around 01:31, a wholly effective melodic transition with a hint of ominous allure as Moore’s vocals exude a charismatic presence as he croons “It’s a funny thing, you never get back what you give, and then you’re left with nothing.” Moore’s vocal ascension from fair nonchalance to a chilling series of melodic turns during this hook/chorus (like the Smashing Pumpkins-esque electric twang at 03:33) makes the track enticing to listen to repeatedly.

Stream Alterations & Repairs in full below and purchase it on Bandcamp here.

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  1. Nice review. I had this on my phone and just started to listen to it today. It’s really excellent. It’s growing on me. Definitely some Dinosaur Jr vibes.

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