Firstworld – “Space”


“Space” is a consuming new track from Firstworld, the project of South Florida-based artist and producer Kris Alvarez. Ahead of Firstworld’s forthcoming 6-track EP I’m Right Here, the project’s first big release, releasing in the coming months, Alvarez is releasing a handful of memorable singles like this one. He showcases a suave, nocturnal synth-pop sound here, with a serene vocal delivery reminiscent of Twin Shadow and a musical aesthetic that fondly recalls the synth tones of Yellow Magic Orchestra. The “space” vocal bits, toward the end especially, are utterly hypnotic, the entrancing synths and bouncy vocals proving to be a perfect combination.

Blissfully atmospheric, just like the track, the music video for “Space” is an homage and parody of the Miami nightlife. ” Inspired by a late night local TV bloc documenting Miami’s decadent club scene in the early 2000s, the video follows two hosts of the fictitious TV segment “EZ AXS TV” around Firstworld’s single release party of the title track,” Alvarez explains. “They jump from partygoer to partygoer asking them about Firstworld, only to learn that the people attending the party have little to no idea who the performer is or what the event is about, revealing the sometimes vacuous motion of going out for the sake of going out.”

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