Posted May 21, 2018 by Mike Mineo in Rock

Mike Green – “Honey”

Connecticut-based singer/songwriter Mike Green wowed with suave soundscapes of “Addictive” last month, with the track’s title being apt in its replay-friendly, late-night-driving allure. Just released, “Honey” is another successful track from Green, touting thick guitars and a panting-like effect in an intro that gradually introduces those late-night synths that Green tends to expertly implement. His vocals are lush and subdued to start, transitioning to a more fervent representation upon the “if only I could be your honey,” hook.¬†Spacey synths and funk-tinged guitars emphasize at the two-minute mark, as Green’s vocals perk up even more. It’s a consuming track that grips throughout its entire run-time.

“Honey and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of May 2018’ Spotify playlist.

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