Posted May 10, 2018 by Mike Mineo in Rock

Scotch Mist – “Surfside”

Scotch Mist’s new track “Surfside” shows the group’s moodier, more atmospheric side, comparative to the twangy guitar-leading “Big Red Button” last summer. The track’s saxophone playing is fantastic, evolving from haunting organs and vocals into a rainy-day soundscape that’s entirely gripping. The “ooh”-ing of the vocals align with the beautiful brass as the one-minute mark plays, Kaputt vibes evident. Hypnotic and alluring, “Surfside” is another success from NYC-based Scotch Mist.

Stream “Meteors”, another new track from the group, below:

“Surfside” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of May 2018’ Spotify playlist.

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