BSTN – “Three Trenches”


Buzzing rhythms, teetering electronic effects, and eerie vocal effects comprise the gripping “Three Trenches”, a new track from Los Angeles artist BSTN, aka Spencer Bastian. The aesthetic reminds of a cross between Battles’ structural experiments and Oneohtrix Point Never’s electronic intensity. The track’s halted moments and assortment of excitable/cathedral-like vocals make for an effort that’s constantly consuming. While far from a ethereal vibe, there’s something hypnotic about the track’s seamless ability to transition between aspects of vocal-laden fluctuation and sporadic bursts of melodic excitement.

The artist provides the following written word in regards to the track:

An Indian explorer discovers three massive granite trenches deep in the jungles of the Amazon. The distance between each trench is almost one mile, and the center point of each trench forms a perfect triangle. The original purpose of the Three Trenches is currently unknown. Are they entrances to an ancient underground tunnel system? Were they part of a docking device for an enormous space ship? The mystery remains. However one thing is obvious upon visiting the Three Trenches: a spirit eternally dwells in each one of the sacred sites. And in this composition, you will hear scattered communication from each of the three immortal souls…a warning…

Mike Mineo

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