Posted July 12, 2018 by Mike Mineo in Rock

Nocturnal Blonde – “Blown Away”

Hailing from Athens, GA – a city rich in indie-rock history – Nocturnal Blonde are an act with convincing stylistic appeal. The vocals of Rachel Adams are simultaneously captivating, sultry, and bluesy, evident especially at the 02:23 hook on “Blown Away”, a highlight from the act’s new five-track release, Smart Heart (streaming below). The “snake venom” bit is spine-chilling as she delivers a haunting vocal presence in combination with twangy guitars. Featuring an outstanding lead vocalist and excellent songwriters in Dave and Ritchie Williams (the release is a tribute to the former), Nocturnal Blonde show on Smart Heart and “Blown Away” especially that they are an act to keep an ear out for. The tortured-sounding, melancholic “Two Trees” is another highlight.

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