flowstate – “Breathe”


“Breathe” is a strikingly atmospheric track released today from downtempo hip-hop act flowstate, comprised of Hobday and tomdaddy. Nocturnal synths and minimalist percussion give way to a vocal delivery that’s lush, a spoken-word narrative following Tomdaddy’s personal journey. The “flowstate,” repetition around 01:45 is delightfully infectious, followed by a dreamy guitar line. Consumingly atmospheric, “Breathe” is a success from flowstate.

Hobday explains: “This is one of our favorite tracks off of the first project because it really gives the listener an inside view to what we are experiencing as musicians, creators, and performers. Tomdaddy is spittin’ all the lyrics on this one and the song follows his journey. It feels to me like Tommy is really able to express how he is feeling about this whole process. Because like anything in this world, there are good and bad parts about it. The road isn’t always easy, but it’s fucking worth it. Even when life is a struggle there is beauty to be found. But above all else, we are both hopelessly in love with the music, and that is the final message of the track. I (Hobday) dropped a guitar solo on this track as well, and I feel that it really helps emphasize the warm and natural feeling of the music.”

“As for the creative process, something that is perhaps unique about the way we make music is that I make beats and Tommy writes his lyrics completely separately. At a later time we come together and see what fits where, and as if by magic the different pieces seems to fit together time and time again.”

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