Continua – “The Darkest City”


“The Darkest City” is a moving rocker from Continua, the project of previously featured Bishop Battle and Floridan bassist Brian Buckalew. After some collaboration in the summer of 2006, the two went their separate ways; Bishop became an Officer in the United States Marine Corps, and Brian began focusing on becoming a music producer, launching ProVizion Studios. Talks of resurrecting the project came in 2014, with the project well and alive today, as the band writes and tracks from their respective home studios, meeting at a reclusive area in Georgia to rehearse for upcoming live performances. Continua’s sound includes use of instrumental and vocal layering, minor tonality, and combining guitar & bass driven tracks with electronic synthesizers, as evidenced with the successful new track “The Darkest City”, which touts a dark and hook-y alt-rock charm in the soaring vocals and jagged guitars.

Mike Mineo

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