Justin Levinson – “A Part of Me” (feat. Anna Nalick)

“A Part of Me” is a lovely duet featuring Justin Levinson and Anna Nalick, the former previously featured with his track “I’ll Make It In Hollywood.” As that track was more a beach-y, sugary pop tune, this track scales back the tempo a bit and goes from the beach to a candlelit dinner. Smooth guitars and the dual vocals make for a consuming arsenal alongside the lush percussion.

“Although this song may appear to be about a previous lover it’s actually about my love affair with music,” Justin explains. “In November 2017 After my last tour in Europe for the “Yes Man” record I started to re-think everything and this whole touring artist lifestyle in general. I decided to see what my life would look like in 2018 without music..This year I haven’t been writing and only performed one very low profile show in Los Angeles… In a lot of ways I’ve found it relieving but also really heartbreaking. A few months ago my friend Stein Malvey of The Four Freshmen came over and we started noodling on this jazzy progression. Though ’60s inspired pop has always been my niche; My two favorite jazz standards are “Someone To Watch Over Me” and “Moonlight In Vermont”.. I was really trying to capture some of that type of magic.”

“For a while I was stuck on the changes but my Producer Adam Popick came up with that beautiful 2-5 bridge.. After that the lyrics just flew on the paper. Once the track was competed I really could hear a female vocalist and decided to ask my friend Anna Nalick to sing the duet. Anna and I have toured together in the past and I truly admire her.. such a monster talent, kind and humble human being. This song has sort of re-kindled the musical flame in me. Though I may not tour in the same capacity as have over the last decade I’ve decided to begin composing a new record!”

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