The Rungs – “Want You to Know”


After impressing last month with “King of Books,” the Brooklyn-based female-fronted act The Rungs are back with another captivating track in “Want You to Know.” Whereas “King of Books” showcased a more key-heavy sound with a dose of nocturnal retrospection, “Want You to Know” is more fond of guitar distortion and upfront confidence. The nonchalant vocal delivery in the verses meshes well with psych-friendly guitar droning, with the effervescent pick-up in the chorus adding some enjoyable variation.

“Like other songs on this EP, there is theme of repetition, a pattern that connects us to the repetitious ‘visions’ and motions we experience on a daily basis,” the band explains. “The lyrics of ‘Want You to Know’ describe a moment when you are with someone who you really want to confess something to, but even when the words are on the tip of your tongue, you just can’t get them out. ‘Want You to Know’ is unique in this EP because unlike our other tracks which contain lots of electronic programming and production, this contains tracks that were recorded live and loose, capturing an energy of the live performance.”

“We wanted to capture that moment of fear and adrenaline of wanting to tell someone something difficult (maybe a crush? maybe you did something unforgivable? etc..). Rather than elaborate in lyrics, I felt really inspired by Nirvana and admired the way Kurt Cobain could say so much by saying so little. Some things are better just left as simple as they are! Musically we were going more for the overall vibe of the song, something driving that you can rock out to.”

Mike Mineo

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