4 Jazz Bands You’ll Surely Love in Brisbane

“The good thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain”. This quote from one of the most iconic musical artists could not be truer especially when it comes to Jazz Music. Regarded by intellectuals as one of America’s original art forms, Jazz has spread from its birthplace in New Orleans to enchant people’s hearts and minds in major cities all over the world.

Brisbane is one such a city where this genre is followed with such a zeal you would be convinced it is a religion. Fans flock to sold out events where gifted artists grace the stage with thrilling performances of divergent Jazz fusions. Entertainment agencies such as Black Tie Group Entertainment Agency, work tirelessly throughout the year collaborating with various artists and bands in organizing Jazz events. Whether for corporate events, weddings or just private parties, these agencies work to find the right band to grace the occasion.

Below is a list of four, among the vast list of bands in Brisbane, that are worth their mettle.

  1. Kristin Berardi & Sam Anning Duo

Comprised of award-winning vocalist Kristin Berardi and acclaimed bassist Sam Anning, this obsessive duo joins forces to deliver Brisbane regulars an inspiring performance, exposing their shrewd skills, enticing improvisations, and beautiful original creations.

Kristin Berardi is an international and national award-winning musical performer and recording artist. Among her accolades is the much coveted Bell Award, which she has won three times in two categories. These are; National Freedman Fellowship for Jazz and Best Vocal Album of the year. Her partner, Sam Anning, is an Australian artist from Melbourne. He is constantly on the road, inspiring audiences alongside his national and international colleagues who hold him in high regard.

2. Ambient Jazz

This group has performed for innumerable functions that range from weddings to high profile events with the most notable being at a function for the former prime minister of Australia. Returning from a two years residency in Japan, Ambient Jazz has reinvented their sound in a fusion of new ideas into old classics. Interestingly, Ambient Jazz is available as a duo, trio or quartet to fit on any occasion. Irrespective of the option, this stellar band’s performance of different collections is always captivating.

3. Amica

Inspired by the very best of classical, jazz and contemporary collection, Kathy Sander on Piano and Bryan Pearson on Acoustic or Electric Bass, produce the decisive ambiance for your select occasion. Highly experienced in the commercial music scene, both in Brisbane and overseas, Kathy and Bryan are skillful in many genres, covering different styles of Jazz, Latin and many other styles of music.

Being agile in their style, Amica can perform quality background and cocktail music that fits corporate events and private functions, and also able to perform danceable music with vocals. Even though they perform in most cases as a duo, Amica can expand to include either a drummer/percussionist, guitarist or saxophonist.

4. Chris Poulsen Trio

This group has earned itself a large following resulting from a spirited stage presence and an exciting approach to composition. Their combination of funk, fusion, Latin and bebop results in an artistic and original sound that is full of energy, color and texture, drawing audiences from a wide range. Chris Poulsen jazz can be booked for weddings, cocktail functions, corporate events, special occasions and, venue bookings

Whenever you are in Brisbane, check out these bands. Better yet, hire them via the readily available agencies for your esteemed occasion. You’ll be in for quite a treat from their mastery.


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