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Great Songs Inspired by Sport

Musicians take inspiration for their songs from a multitude of different sources. Adele famously wrote an entire album based on a break up from her former partner. The 1970 song Woodstock by Joni Mitchell was inspired by the fa...

Festival Guide – Tips to Stand Out

Summer is never complete without a festival, and with this year’s Summer set to be the hottest one ever recorded, the Festival Season is likely to be bigger and better than ever. Whether you plan to enjoy the best Festivals Bri...


A Touch of Magic: 5 Elements of a Good Indie Rock Album

While there is no universal formula when it comes to making music (particularly the indie variant), there are a couple of things you can’t go wrong with in the process of making a good indie rock album. So let’s take a glimpse ...

7 Steps to Create a Music Band in College

Starting a band with your friends can make college memorable. Besides an opportunity to have the most fun of your life, forming a band can be a chance to grow as an artist and learn skills that you can transfer to jobs or other...


5 Defining Indie Rock Albums

It can be difficult to define indie rock as a genre, but that does not diminish its quality and popularity. In this holiday season, it is easy to get a promo code to one of your favorite rock albums too. So, which one should yo...

Why Musicians Should Sign Up for Songwriting Competitions and Where to Find Them

If you’re looking to raise your profile as a musician, then entering a songwriting contest is a terrific way to do it. You will also build your confidence in the process and might even make some cash if you’re good enough to wi...


Hockey – Wyeth IS (2013)

After losing two members in 2010, pop group Hockey returned this year with a new LP, Wyeth IS. It acts as a successful comedown with the usual pop smarts.