Autorall – “Guts and Gears”


Today marks the release of Autorall’s new EP, The Unpopular. Spontaneous and visceral melodies combine throughout with an energetic electronic/rock aesthetic, with the Brazilian artist also impressing with his use of samples. The album was created, recorded and mixed by Prox in his room at Studio Lamparina, in Perdizes, São Paulo, and is being released by his own label Digirock.

The EP’s opening track is “Guts and Gears.” Amped-up percussion, buzzing synths, and a charismatic vocal delivery – at times tonally reminiscent of Bowie – combine to construct an addictive and hypnotic sound. “All they want is to entertain,” is repeated with infectious allure, over the buzzing assortment of synths and electrifying samples.

““Guts and Gears” represents music that will provide listeners with feelings of ecstatic exhilaration, pleading them to shake their skeleton,” Prox explains. “Its ideas catalyze self-affirmation, the needed one, and urgency, within a moment of life where all you need is to seek the intrinsic strength of your being, coming from your Guts up to your Gears.”

“The arpeggio synth-bass lines were all played with the timbres of a plugin that was in Trial Mode (test mode), causing the program to generate a “glitch,” in the intention that this noise disrupts the performance of the musician and tries to convince him to buy the full version of the plugin, which does not come with this so-called mishap,” eh continues. “No worries — this application-generated noise fits like a glove, integrating – organically – into the composition and mixing.”

Stream the rest of The Unpopular on Spotify and below:

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