How to Discover Your Personal Musical Style

One of the keys to success in the music industry is the ability to determine your style. Unfortunately, not everyone can determine a single genre and style since music is not a science and there are no strict rules. However, to help creatures find out themselves in the music field, web developers created google sound search. In today’s post, you will learn what a musical style is and how to discover your own one.

The concept of musical style

The nature of the sound determines its style. It is created thanks to many components, and typical techniques, such as melody, rhythm, harmony and it represents an ideological image.

To date, there are a lot of musical styles, which makes it difficult to find the one you will be particularly appealing to you. In addition, there also subdivisions in such genres as rock, pop, jazz, hip-hop and many others.

Thus, when it comes to rock, you can find metal, hard rock, etc., which are also divided into separate ones. Interestingly, such categories as Trans, Electro, and Techno belong to the electronic genre, which today’s teenagers are very fond of.

To be able to accurately determine a genre, you need to listen to a large number of songs in general. The reason being that there is a great number of mixed genres, which is most typical for modern songs. In addition, musicians are increasingly involved in creating their own new genres without knowing it.

Learning to discover your personal musical style

It is unlikely that you can find a list of all genres, as well as a person who could find music by sound, but if you have decided to learn the craft, here are a few simple tips on where to start.

1) First, determine the genre to which a given song belongs whether it is pop, rock, folk, jazz, classical, disco, hip-hop, reggae or others. The genres are diverse and include many genres and the same can be said about academic works, as there are term papers, theses, etc. In this context, you may want to Edubirdie. You can learn how to use writing services online.

2) Take, for example, rock. It is subdivided into alternative rock, hard rock, metal, etc.; Metal, in turn, is divided into many genres. Electronic music includes Electro, House, Trans, Techno, Drum and Bass, Industrial and many others. To determine different types of music, you need to listen to a lot of songs in a given genre that interests you. In reality, there are so many styles that it is simply impossible to know everything and to search music by sound. In addition, new styles are constantly emerging, usually at the junction of those already existing. Sometimes it is difficult to attribute an artist to a particular type because today, musicians are very fond of experimenting.

3) Practice in determining styles. Take some song and try to describe its distinctive features: what instruments are used, its rhythm, melody, vocal style (if any), the content of the lyrics, what impression the song makes, and your subjective emotions. Afterward, you need to try to recall one or more songs that would seem similar to this one. Chances are, they belong to the same style. Do the same with a piece of another genre. Soon, you will be able to know how to find a song by sound and thus know your preferences.

4) The best way to discover your style is to listen to different songs. This way, you can choose something that you particularly enjoy listening to.

Some more tips

Knowledge of the history of the origin and development of different styles is extremely useful. Do a little research and find out about your favorite style.

Go over all the songs in your library and try to categorize them yourself. Such an occupation can be a fun and challenging task. See how accurate you can be in determining the subgenre to which the song belongs, or just create your own ones!

Terms like “classical music” may refer to a fairly wide number of works, and in practice, they can sometimes cover not only the music of the classical period of time (around 1750-1820) but also the key styles from the 9th to the 21st century. Keep this in mind when organizing your songs by genre. For example, part of Bach’s compositions can be attributed to classical music, although they are technically better to be classified to the baroque genre, as Baroque music has significant differences in terms of technique and arrangement of composition, sound quality, and instruments.

Pay special attention to the period when a given song came about. This is especially true for more ancient works.

You should know that a given song can be comprised of several genres such as pop and rap combo.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post and you have learned how to discover your personal musical style. In addition, you may be interested to see some podcast voice effects online if you are into that kind of thing.

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