Posted January 10, 2019 by Mike Mineo in Electronic

Spectre – “Walls”

Spectre is an artist from Crawley, UK producing a murky vein of electronica, infusing aspects of ambient music and dubstep. As a drummer, vocalist, guitarist, and synth player, Spectre’s multi-instrumentalist approach combines with a tonal aim at dark and supernaturla themes, ruminating on the darker aspects of life. Memorable soundscapes are achieved on several of the project’s tracks, like the creaking key-laden “Sand(y)” and “Walls.” The track “Walls” touts a ghostly beginning, where illuminated synths play enticingly. I enjoy the grimy movements in the second half, reminding me of nocturnal dubstep in the vein of Burial, though with a cathedral-like spaciousness. Spectre is a promising project with ample atmospheric appeal.

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