The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band – “Live in Studio, 11/14”


The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band is a project led by Jared Sand, who along with collaborators produces a trippy, psychedelic sound with doses of trip-hop, electronica, and dance. The track above is a live in-studio session from 11/14, showcasing an improvisational live take of three songs with heavy synth, as well as multiple tracks of instrumental samples and loops. The approach will appeal to fans of acts like Om Unit and Chemical Brothers.

Regarding the track, Sand says “the last few minutes are my favorite I’ve recorded to date. All music is composed with Ableton, live synth hardware, and live instrument loops. Performance consists of an improvised jam session.” Sand’s musical inspirations and experience are very eclectic, ranging from old school rave and big beat influences to bebop and funk. He has experience in psych-rock, jazz, and instrumental bands — all which lend to the quality result on this live output.

Mike Mineo

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