Features to Look for When Buying Violin

It’s important to know the features of a good violin because it will determine if the instrument is made of quality and can last through the years. Violin students mostly struggle with how to find the right instrument they can use to develop their musical skills. With this little guide, you can understand the best violin features to look for when getting a new violin. Click here for more information on Violins.

Materials Used

One of the basics to know if you’re investing in the right violin is to determine the materials used. Typically, violins are made with special woods that have specific resonant qualities. When the strings vibrate by moving the bow, the vibrations create sounds. The more you play the instrument, the better you can create the sound you want.

Manufacturers use spruce wood because of its great quality. It can be shaved into thinner surface while retaining the integrity of the wood. Such feature makes it an ideal material in creating the table of the violins. It’s important to have solid wood to produce longer lasting instruments.


Another important feature that you need to consider when choosing a violin is how the instrument is made. The better the pieces are formed into a violin, the stronger and higher quality it can be. Workmanship helps determine the overall quality and value of stringed instruments.

The two stages in making violin include the basic construction of each piece. This is typically done manually to ensure quality and performance. However, it can now be done using special tools and equipment to simplify the process. So choose the best luthier that can provide you with high-quality instrument you need.

Professional Grade

If you want to play a quality violin, you can chose the model that is handcrafted. These professional grade instruments are way better than their counterparts. In fact, advanced musicians use these models in order to produce better sound.

Before you buy a new violin, make sure to test it. If there’s a creaking sound when applying pressure to it, look for another. It should have a symmetrical shape and appearance, and the neck must be perfectly straight. In addition, check the scroll design, seams, and joints for potential damage.

Wrapping It Up

Workmanship and materials used are two key features you need to look for when buying a violin. Use these tips to find the perfect instrument that suits your unique requirements.


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