Quintin Tarintinto – “Po Hustlin”


Quintin Tarintinto is a rising hip-hop artist that impresses thoroughly on new track “Po Hustlin.” The Tallahassee-based artist paces his infectious flow from the get-go, as lush orchestral additions lurk in the background. Gradually, flourishes of piano start to signal an escalation, which culminates in a melodic and powerful “we gon’ hustle like we broke,” hook that reminds fondly of Kendrick. Orchestral chamber-pop, electronica, and hip-hop converge for a memorable sound on this gem.

“This track’s creative process was a lengthy one, believe it or not,” the artist says. “This song originally started out with a totally different beat with kick and drums but was removed later due to the exclusives being sold. We removed the beat my engineer/producer @1digitalmagik went and played everything instrumentation that you hear currently. Took some months before it was finalized but was worth the wait. It’s all original music.”

The track comes from the No Self Pity EP, streaming in full below:

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