Top Pick Artists that Still Release Music on Vinyl

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to be a true music lover. True music fans not only like listening to music every day but also follow all music trends and have all the necessary equipment to achieve perfect sounding. If it’s all about you, you will definitely appreciate this list of the artists that still release music on vinyl.

Here are presented the legendary albums on vinyl that will thrill any admirer of quality music and cult bands. Make sure that you use the best powered speakers for vinyl to listen to these masterpieces because they don’t tolerate anything but perfection.

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

Having released the 4th album, Daft Punk set us back years when Studio 54 have been ruling. “Random Access Memories” recorded an amazing album that is greatly ahead of its time. Open, sharp, and dynamic sounding with the rich potential: incredible performers did their best! How can you resist it? You will definitely hear this album on all hi-fi shows for the next 20 years.

Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper – A Star Is Born

This vinyl is an album-soundtrack of the movie “A Star Is Born”. Immediately after the release, the debut album was number 1 on the charts in the United States, Great Britain, and other countries. The songs, as well as the movie, are breathtaking. Get ready to be swept away by your emotions. Every song has huge potential so be prepared that it’ll tear you up. The collaboration between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper is phenomenal.

Panda Bear – Tomboy

Panda Bear, or Mr. Noah, produced another great and very successful album called “Tomboy”. If you haven’t listened to it yet, this is a severe loss and it must be fixed immediately. The sound is simple, at first glance, but every single song, melody, and idea have a unique atmospheric mood that turns simple sound into something cosmic. Just turn it on, listen at high volume, and feel the magic of music. You’ll love this album because it sounds so perfect on vinyl. By the way, another Panda Bear’s album entitled “Buoys” is coming. It promises to be great. Don’t miss it!

Radiohead – In Rainbows

The influence of the 7th Radiohead studio album isn’t limited to its artistic merit. A couple of months before coming out on tangible media, Radiohead released a digital disc saying: “pay-as-you-like”. The fact that such a step changed the mindset of the music industry and the approach of leading artists and labels to album release just cannot be overemphasized. Dare to say that this album is incredible.

Tony Bennett & Diana Krall – Love Is Here To Stay

Tony Bennett keeps surprising us. After the success of the duet pop albums, including duet record with Lady Gaga, the singer returned to his jazz roots. He recorded this album together with the Canadian superstar and “Grammy” winner Diana Krall. The album, made up of the immortal standards of the Gershwin brothers, perfectly blends the spirit of spontaneity with the deep respect to the melody and text. The lovers of refined music will adore it.


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