Jesse The Tree & Slitty Wrists – “G.L.O.W.”


“G.L.O.W.” is a fantastic track off Jesse The Tree & Slitty Wrists’ new Asthma EP, a collaborative project from the two artists. The track’s impressive string-forward beat (from Lewis M.) is hinted at from the get-go, as a murky bass-forward beat establishes the presence of both vocalists. The stirring string additions around the 35-minute mark brings the track to the next level, especially amidst the impressively precise vocal flow, reminiscent in fury and tone to Aesop Rock. The vocal choir-like additions in the background, around 01:07, are also impressive within this excellent production, touting an Avalanches-like sampling appeal. “G.L.O.W.” is one of my favorite hip-hop tracks of the year thus far — a very impressive effort from this project.

Per the artists: “The name ‘ASTHMA’ was chosen for the EP to represent the problems of being a young artist in the world we currently live in. The struggles and pain they go through in the process of making this project in turn shapes these young humans and molds them into their best selves. You can play this anytime the world has you feeling suffocated or like you can’t breathe.”

Stream the rest of this impressive EP – one of the best hip-hop releases so far in 2019 – below:

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