Kin Kanyon – “Fauxtown”


The stylish “Fauxtown” is a recent track from Kin Kanyon, the Canadian quartet that impressed last year with “Until There Was You.” “Fauxtown” touts a vibrant, funk-tinged rhythm section and psych-friendly guitars, amidst a spirited vocal presence — alternating between suaver verses and an effervescent, higher-pitched chorus. Past the three-minute mark, swirling guitars and organs combine for a striking, mesmerizing psych-rock jam. This instrumental section leads cohesively until one grand final go-round for the main hook. “Fauxtown” is a super fun track, accompanied by a great music video that serves as a disco-infused throwback to ’80s Bollywood cinema.

“As far as the recording process, it was done live off the floor to provoke a certain kind of impulsive, spontaneous energy that would permeate the recording – a quality and presence that are found on some of my favorite records,” says guitarist/vocalist Dan Rocque. “There is a cosmic, psychy breakdown in ‘Fauxtown’ which I believe wouldn’t have been possible through overdubs as it was manifested through everybody’s connection and vibe in that moment. The stars had aligned, and I’m thrilled we were able to capture it.”

The band’s new EP, Trace of Love, releases on March 22nd

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