Zoe’s Shanghai – “Two to Tango”


“Two to Tango” is a striking success from Zoe’s Shanghai, based in Barcelona The initial vocals, hauntingly suave in tone, are accompanied by smatterings of piano and affecting organs to start. The jazz-pop exterior of the track is refreshing and satisfying, transitioning after the two-minute mark to a lusher showing with a synth-pop pedigree and a more chipper vocal presence. Followed by a hypnotic first half, the track’s last minute alone boasts eclectic charm that makes Zoe’s Shanghai’s abilities very convincing.

The act delves into the track’s lyrics and themes below:

“Two to tango revolves around memory and hallucination. I was curious about how our brain created memories, and read a few scientific articles about it, and it’s really interesting because basically scientists are not sure how it works, could be a hormone, a protein… but the reason why they act at a given moment and not another is still a pretty much a mystery. When creating a memory, the object and the context are stored in two separate areas of the brain (“It takes two to tango, object context meant to mingle”). I find fascinating that the brains records a moment depending on the past, present and future. A memory tends to disappears if not stimulated, because of the plasticity of our brains. Depending on their past and future, two people can recall a same event in a total different way.”

The project will be releasing a new track, “No Cure,” in the coming weeks — followed by a 6-track EP in May.

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