Daniel O’Sullivan releases a new album

If you like the music of Daniel O’Sullivan, then you should not miss his new LP called “Folly”. A great thing about this LP is that it will be a vinyl release as well. If you want to enjoy the true audio quality, then you should consider getting a turntable. Luckily, there are many wonderful models available right now – just consider visiting WhatHiFi, TechRadar or Thewirecutter. However, you need speakers for vinyl as well – check Has-Sound, where you can find the best speakers for a vinyl record player. To make sure you get exactly the sound quality an author wants you to get you to need a combination of a turntable, a vinyl record, and good speakers.

The new album of Daniel O’Sullivan

The album is to be released on the 5th of April. According to the interviews of Daniel O’Sullivan, the album was influenced by the emotions that Daniel experienced around the birth of his son Ari and the death of his friend Ian Johnstone. These emotions blend together in his lyrics. Therefore, Daniel claims that joy is an inseparable part of suffering and sometimes these emotions appear at the same moment and music is the vessel where you can contain the unspeakable.

Considering the songwriting process, Daniel claims the writing process may take some time, even if a song comes completely ready to your mind, while the execution process can take much time before it becomes something reasonable.

The songs

The musician claims that the songs tell what they are supposed, while the author had no intention of forcing any ideas. Daniel claims that “Folly” is a great album for those who do shaping, and these songs are about writing songs.

The new album “Folly” will include 12 songs, which show Daniel as a multidimensional songwriter. Some experts claim that this album is Daniel’s attempt to move from the familiar field of experimental music to a universal narrative, at the same time, the author probes the human condition. This album features transformation of the traditional shapes into a transcendent pop symphony. It still has something personal and alien, typical and non-typical, the combination of happiness and melancholy. It would be a real present for all fans of Daniel’s music.

The Daniel O’Sullivan background

Daniel has worked with numerous artists, who influenced him. Some of the artists are David Tibet, Alexander Tucker, Stephen O’Malley, etc. Daniel started in 1990 and he has worked on many albums, which made him deal with various music genres, like progressive rock, improvisation, neo-classical compositions, synth-pop, cosmic jazz, etc. His album VLED (2017) is considered to be the album that perfectly reflects the nature of this musician.

Folly – the true experience

If you want to enjoy the new Daniel O’Sullivan album and you want to hear the true sound and experience that amazing “soul” travel, or you an audiophile who has a vinyl records collection then you should consider getting the vinyl record version of this album. Luckily, many turntables are available today. You also need a receiver and a set of speakers to enjoy the album. You can also consider buying a vinyl record as an investment, Daniel is a great musician and his records may become extremely expensive in the future.


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