How To Better Yourself As A Musician

Whether you’ve just started your journey as a musician or you’ve been at this a long time, there’s always room for improvement. Getting better requires a special set of techniques, skills, and methods that can be as unique as the instrument you play. Putting them together to create a unique regimen may be just what you need, so try these can’t-miss tips to find your next level.


It seems like a no-brainer but practice is one of the most overlooked techniques; simply putting in the time for daily sessions can help you. A fast-paced world might give you permission to skip practice for a day or two, so resist the urge by making it habit. In fact, set up each session up as an appointment that cannot be missed.

Get Lessons (Again)

It’s hard to say you need help, especially when you’ve already become a master in your own mind. Even the best musicians have to go back to “school” sometimes for a little brush up mixed with some new tricks to take their abilities to another stage. Finding a teacher is not hard, just ask for some references or look up reviews. Of course, you can always go back to a former teacher for some discreet help in taking on gaps in expertise.

Find The Right Equipment

A musician is nothing without their instrument of choice. Abilities and budget should always come first when choosing a new instrument or related accessory. Look at the level of your play and how much you will use the item as a starting point. Tips such as those found on this page can refine the beginning search criteria even more. When you’ve got an idea in mind, next consider the budget. Expensive pieces are no better than used tools when it comes to music. If you’re new to music or don’t spend much time with this, actively search for used or deeply discounted items. Local music shops, as well as dealers, may also be able to help via rental plans. This last option is especially popular with parents looking for ways to keep the young musicians of their household on the right track to success.  

Go Back To The Basics For Performances

Performances can make or break moments for a musician; the pressure of a live audience alone might give you pause for thought. If you plan on doing this professionally or want to show off your favorite tunes to an audience, this is a category you have to explore. Keeping it low key is essential when putting together performances. Leave the big flashy accessories and unnecessary tools to the pros; focus on the instrument and the rest will follow. If you’re performing for a larger audience, make sure the sound equipment is up to par. There is nothing worse for building abilities than a failure that came from no fault of your own.

Spend Time With Other Musicians

One of the best ways to improve your musicianship is to be around your peers. Instead of a teaching situation, you find a measure of comfort in talking to others who have been where you are or are currently in the same position. In terms of differing experiences, lessons learned by one musician may save you from the same mistake. You can also trade tips that can help you overcome whatever issues are in your way.

Also, try to attend as many performances as possible. Seeing other musicians in action can not only give you a way of seeing something you might have overlooked but these performances can also stoke the creative fires. There’s something about seeing music in action that makes even beginners heart race as their imagination soars.

Take A Break

If all else fails, break all the rules and take a break from the issues or problems that are plaguing you. Play something you’re an expert with, try something easy, the options are endless. It also never hurts to step away for the afternoon and take a walk or visit your favorite museum. Whatever you do, make sure to keep stress at a minimum, after all, there is nothing more fun or rewarding than being a musician. Remember what you love about it and everything else will come naturally.

A musician is never “truly” a master of their preferred instrument. Getting better is just another part of the process and worth it when it comes to that moment you finally learn a new song or technique. With the easy follow methods listed above, there’s no reason to let those skills go unnoticed.


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