Posted May 10, 2019 by Mike Mineo in Electro-Pop

Kid Le Chat – “Bodega Nights”

“Bodega Nights” is a track released today from Kid Le Chat, a project formed by Austinite David Wilson and Brazilian-born New Yorker Leo Moretti at a microbrewery in Rio de Janeiro. Now based in Brooklyn, the duo craft a catching sound that’s partly a byproduct of their ’80s upbringing (hinted by the video’s vintage VHS beginning), channeling a sound steeped in vintage synth sounds. “Bodega Nights” works nicely off a percussive backing that’s suitably robotic in nature, though supplemented by a vocal sample that serves as an additional rhythmic force. The added rhythmic depth combines nicely with the ’80s-friendly synth tones and lead vocals, which really take off around 03:30 as the rhythm section expands and the synth work brightens.

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