Look Vibrant – “Cherish Everything”


“Cherish Everything” is a track from Look Vibrant’s forthcoming sophomore album of the same name. The Montreal-based act intrigue within the first minute, unveiling a carnival-like synth whimsy alongside dreamy guitar tones and varied percussion. Vocals emerge alongside a quaint guitar accompaniment, with the re-emergence of dreamy guitars and loopy synths to follow shortly after. Aesthetically, the band’s own comparisons to “Timber Timbre or the Twin Peaks soundtrack” is apt, as there’s a mysteriously gripping quality to this that those mediums have certainly succeeded within. This is a consuming, hypnotic success from an album I’m certainly anticipating.

The band has the following to say about the track:

In “Cherish Everything” – the song from which LV’s forthcoming album gets its name – we are encountered with a character troubled by the need to do “good” in the world. The sad actor begins by asking if they’re “doing right,” going on to tout their unwillingness to appreciate life and its beauty as some sort of moral high ground. They go on to confess their deeper desire to be recognized by the masses and finally betray their lack of gratitude for what they have in the lines: “Do you cherish everything? Cause I feel fearful in the face of cherishing.”

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