Lost Aliens – “kwOmBa”


The sounds of elephants and animal chirping firmly establishes the vibrant, overgrown jungle setting of “kwOmBa,” a track that’s nicely representative of Denver act Lost Aliens and their hypnotic, psych rock-friendly aesthetic. Tribal-like backing vocals intermingle with a gorgeous woodwind around 01:13, building gradually from there into an accompanying vocal delivery, which soars with a psych-pop sentiment reminiscent of Animal Collective. Lost Aliens hone in on “etheric soundscapes and rhythmic trances,” in their consuming sound, which maintains a jam-friendly sense of spontaneity while remaining melodically cohesive. Of “kwOmBa,” the band says: “As this song formed from jamming, the band began talking about it being about an elephant wandering off in its final days. Donations on the Bandcamp for this mp3 will go toward an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee.”

Mike Mineo

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