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Psychedelic Pop
Psychedelic Pop

Former Faces – “Colorful Anger”

The stylish and suave “Colorful Anger” marks a fluidly catchy success for Former Faces, a project from the Silver Lake neighborhood in Los Angeles. A vibrant bass line is accompanied by slick guitars and a smooth vo...

Nolan Garrett – “No Secrets”

“No Secrets” is a consuming track released today from Nolan Garrett, off his new EP what if. The repeating hook – “got no secrets, though I maybe lie,” – rides on an engrossing haze, propelle...

Psychedelic Pop

Zora Graves – “Vapor Brain”

Reef Zero by Zora Graves Zora Graves is a “nautical pop” artist from Los Angeles, whose new track “Vapor Brain” aims and succeeds at an immersive and “distinctly oceanic vibe.” The track come...
Psychedelic Pop

King Bug – “fEElin g00d fEElin bAd”

King Bug produces a colorful, psychedelic sound reminiscent of Panda Bear/Animal Collective on new track “fEElin g00d fEElin bAd.” The effort follows up the project’s debut EP Cocoon Food, released last year. ...

Psychedelic Folk

Golden Chow – “You Don’t Know”

EP by Golden Chow “You Don’t Know” touts a timeless-sounding pop melody in its verses, shimmering with a psych-friendly charm. The new track from Brooklyn-based act Golden Chow is an impressive one, one of fiv...
Psychedelic Pop

Indigo Bunting – “Solitaire”

Clip Show by Indigo Bunting For fans of Indigo Bunting’s well-received track “Little Monowheel,” featured in September, it’s worth knowing that the Austin-based art-pop trio recently released their new a...