T. Soomian – “Caught a Feeling”


“Caught a Feeling” shows the strongly melodic songwriting of T. Soomian, a Los Angeles-based artist whose sound generates blissful psych-pop sentiments and hypnotic rock twilight. The track’s “take you on a magic trip,” hook features glistening keys and a gently buzzing synth, a delightful accompaniment to Soomian’s soaring vocals. The vocal ooh-ing, mellow bass drive, and twinkling synths combine for an aesthetic that’s extremely digestible, and the type of material fit for sunsets with great company. If “Caught a Feeling” is indicative of the quality to expect on Soomian’s forthcoming full-length Love Relief, out this summer, big things are on the way. “The songs will have a similar sound, not veering too far from groovy, late 70s dad porno pop music,” the artist says. Count me in.

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The track is also featured in the very selective Spotify compilation Best Tracks of 2019.

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