How to get into a new genre of music?

Music is food to the soul, and that is why each person has a particular genre of music they like listening to. We are biologically connected to love listening to music. For this reason, you will find that at peak moments of individual songs that you like you feel great. Studies show that when you listen to music, your brain releases dopamine, which makes you feel happy. For instance, when you are looking to Justin Bieber’s hit song. Sorry, you will start to feel a rush when the song reaches its chorus. 

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What happens when we listen to new songs or a new genre of music?

There are over 800 genres of music from all over the world, and the list is still growing. Every person has a particular type of style that makes them tick, such as Rock, Funk, RnB, classical, Afro-pop, and so many others. So what happens when you listen to a new song from a genre that you don’t associate with? 

According to studies done at Berkeley when you are listening to a new song, your brain will look for recognizable patterns.  Thus your mind will be able to predict where the song is going. If your brain does not like the design of the new song, then it will not release dopamine, and you won’t like the song the first time. However, if the brain finds familiar patterns and the prediction is confirmed, then it will release dopamine, which will make you like the song. For instance, Pop is so popular because a lot of listeners can predict the outcome, unlike a genre like jazz. 

How do you get into a new genre of music?

If you love Pop, but there are times when monotony can be tedious. What happens when you want to break from Pop to another genre of music? Honestly, it can be quite hard to love a new style or a song, and it may end up feeling like you are listening to noise. However, here are a few tips that will help you switch from one genre to another at ease.

#1. Establish a template in your brain.

According to Research, you love specific genres of music because your brain has already set up a template of that particular sound. For this reason, you will not like songs that deviate from that specific template. Therefore look for songs in the new genre that has the same pattern with the brain template. It will be easier to make a transition with ease.  

#2. Repetition

Listen to the new genre over and over again. Play it three to four times a week. You will get the hang of it. You can get something you will love from specific albums. 


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