6 of the Best Concert Areas in the World

Most of us get easily overwhelmed at the idea of seeing their favorite musician on stage. We are more concerned about getting our concert tickets and camping out overnight in line. But a big part of every concert is the sound experience. Without some great acoustics at the venue, it can spoil the hype, even when it’s your all-time idol singing charmingly on the podium. 

Imagine attending a concert only to wrap our ears around a quality of sound like it’s been soaked in a sponge. What a bummer, right? You couldn’t fully appreciate the talent that’s in front of you because of the concert hall’s awful acoustics. 

It’s for this reason that concert halls are designed carefully to suit every music lover’s satisfaction. They must engineer it to create a space where sound reflects in detail. Grand aesthetics and comfortable seating cushions are just like bonus points.

Whether you are an avid concert-goer, a manager of a performer, or the performer yourself, here’s a rundown of the best places to stage a concert or attend one:

#1 Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

Designed by Frank Gehry, the Walt Disney Concert Hall has a spectacular flair for acoustics. It is a scenic picturesque, with its intricate style and modernized infrastructure. It has been a favorite go-to from renowned performers across the globe since its opening in 2003. 

Many music experts have regarded the Walt Disney Concert Hall as something artsy and very special. They hold true to its goal of providing a luxurious and comfortable concert space where the music can be truly appreciated.

No one could have expected this exemplary platform to exceed such highest standards, especially with its name that’s been greatly associated with mascots, kiddie rides, and big grins. Well, some things can truly take you to a surprise – like its organ which looks like a meteor shower.

#2 Madison Square Garden, New York City

Madison Square Garden has become a household name in the industry. It’s one of the busiest arenas in the world, and it’s obvious with its surprising history of rocketed ticket sales. 

Commonly a favorite avenue for both sports and music, this arena shows its convertibility in any events possible, all while keeping its well-known standards for sound quality. The Knicks’ home turf hosted rock legends like Elvis Presley and the Rolling Stones. Even the greatest Michael Jackson held one of his soldout concerts here. 

#3 Carnegie Hall, New York City

New York is home to many of the greatest opera performances and music concerts. With Carnegie Hall being at the front-row in terms of great sound spaces, you will also love the hall’s elegant and meticulous design. 

Many artists from all over the world have performed in Carnegie Hall. There are also recitals and other events happening here. The place offers three different performance spaces, and all are equally stunning, both in sight and in hearing. It represents a pinnacle of achievement. 

By the way, if you wish to host a banquet, the Carnegie Hall has great spaces you can rent. It’s the perfect location to have any of your formal gatherings. Try checking out the venue soon.

#4 National Centre For The Performing Arts, Beijing

If its facades have made your jaw dropped, wait until you get to attend a concert in this sphere. The building is unmistakably unique and exciting – Its a glass dome with titanium accents. It looks like an egg floating on water or a whale on the beach, but with whatever symbolic comparison, it will always boil down to a single commentary: breathtaking.

Beautifully crafted and easily one of China’s best architectures, the National Centre For The Performing Arts has been critically acclaimed by notable musicians and journalists for its superb quality. It can host up to 5,452 people. If you get to attend a performance here, you will forever remember walking on its main entrance that’s through a hallway under the water.

#5 Vienna Musikverein, Vienna

One of the world’s greatest concert halls can be found in Vienna, Austria. The Vienna Musikverein was designed and constructed solely for music gatherings. The men behind this glorified music hall showed a stellar knowledge of acoustics. It is evident with how the space offers an amazing sound experience.

The Vienna Musikverein has a seating capacity of up to 1,744. Its room can also accommodate up to 300 standing music-goers. A glimpse of the hall would remind you of Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw. Currently, it homes the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

#6 Sydney Opera House, Sydney

Of course, this list won’t be complete without the legendary Sydney Opera House.

Even with its controversial construction history, the Sydney Opera House stood out beautifully elegant and strikingly remarkable. It is an global icon that is simply referred to as “The House”. It is well-loved by both performers and concert-goers of all ages, even so with locals and tourists traveling in Sydney.

It has 7 performance rooms of varying sizes. But the largest being the Concert Hall that can hold up to 2,500 people. It has been welcoming events and guests across the world for over 40 years, and their acoustics are still one of the best.


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